Ice Cream Social Indeed

The other night I had a special opportunity accept recognition on behalf of my late mother. The Annandale Ambassador program dedicated their new podium to my mother, Janet Nelson. It was also pretty cool for my candidate daughter, Abigail, to see how cool her grandmother really was. My family and I are very honored and I happy that my mother’s 4th of July spirit lives on. Below is my speech for the evening.

Thank you. My name is Dewey Gunnarson. I am the founder of ThinkUp Technologies. I am also the son of Janet Nelson.

We at, ThinkUp Technologies, invent, design, build, sell, and service web-application tools to specific industries throughout the nation. We are essentially modern day technology tool makers for common businesses.

Our first product, Contractor’s Cloud, is a web-application designed specifically for roofing companies and allows them to manage their entire business from scheduling sales appointments, estimating, invoicing, production scheduling, and much more. Parade Cloud, another product of ours, is the world’s first and only online management tool that helps organize parades. In fact, for the past 6 years, Parade Cloud has been used to help us organize our own 4th of July parade here in Annandale. Finally, we also created our own online e-signature app called Signeato. Signeato allows you to upload a pdf document and send for signatures to anyone around the world.

Being involved in an internet company, requires a lot of creative talent and thinking. It’s a daily routine of ThinkingUp solutions for complicated problems and puzzles with computer code and do it in a way where the end user experiences a function that is stupid easy and effortless while looking poised and classy.

Having said that, our name ThinkUp Technologies is a fitting name for what we do and ThinkUp comes directly from my mother Jan and her involvement with this Ambassador Program.

You see, my mother was an Annandale Princess in 1960. And for many years after, she was the etiquette coach for the ambassador program. She taught the candidates how to properly sit, stand, walk, talk, and waive. In her lifetime, she inspired and instilled self improvement, class, and confidence upon hundreds of young women.

In fact, one of the lessons she taught, has really stuck with me. She would tell the candidates at the time, whenever you feel nervous, stressed, or feel like you are going to lose total control of the moment, all you need to do is “Think Up”. By merely thinking up, your spine straightens, your chin rises, and your breathing regulates to allow more oxygen to the brain. Essentially, the act of “ThinkingUp” provides an instant jolt of confidence that is the first step in overcoming any challenge.

Since overcoming daily challenges is what we do, ThinkUp is a fitting name for our company. Thanks Mom.

On behalf of my family, I want to thank the committee for the recognition and podium dedication. Even though she recently passed, my mother Jan, loves this program tremendously and is proud of all of the candidates for taking a risk, and is proud of our current and past royalty for Thinking Up… and being amazing ambassadors of Annandale.