Downtown Renovation Open House

It was a good turn out at the Downtown Renovation Open House last night. It appears there was a consensus on what the businesses and the public would like to see for the downtown. This includes interest in possibly removing the canopy system and incorporating a decorative awning system, trees and shrubs, street furniture, decorative pavement, additional signage opportunities, and other amenities. These are all great ideas. I believe the steering committee has a clear direction to work towards.

Based off of the discussions, some businesses want a grand theme and complete overhaul and some businesses want nothing to be done and to be left alone. I believe the correct solution is somewhere in the middle.

Whatever the final solution is, the final goal is clear. We need to work towards keeping our downtown iconic in look and feel while creating an amazing and pleasant environment for the businesses to grow and thrive.

So, that’s what we are going to do. Wish us luck!

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