Roads of the Future???

In 2005, the City of Annandale identified that some day, we need an additional east-west connection between County Rd 5 and Highway 55.

Our growth is going to continue to the south and southwest. Over time this will add additional traffic to our single stop-light intersection. If we don’t start planning for another route, these intersections will be super annoying and less safe. In addition, we are running out of room in our business park at the east end of town. This east-west connection could be an opportunity in spurring additional industrial growth south of the current business park across Highway 55. We are currently working with the land owner to see if there is an opportunity here.

Also, with the addition of our recreational park, it makes sense to some day extend Norway Drive north from Little Jim’s north to the recreational park. This creates better traffic flow, better watermain looping, additional trail connections, and opens those areas up for additional future development.

Right now these are just good ideas. We’ll see what happens.

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