Midco Breaks Ground in Annandale

Today ends a five-year quest to adequately connect the City of Annandale to the rest of the world.

Throughout this journey, we have unintentionally become experts in broadband and feel that we have explored every option. For years, we have sought and pleaded with providers, politicians, and industry experts to help ease our woes only to be slammed with disappointment due to proposals for subpar networks, political shenanigans, and dissenting viewpoints from outside forces.

Ever since we deemed this issue as being a crisis that threatened our quality of life, our education, and our local economy, we have been steadfast in our desire to find a solution to this problem.

Regardless of whatever technology we were entertaining at the time and regardless of figuring out how such a project would be funded we had three goals that guided our efforts. They are as follows: 1) To provide an additional option for every resident and business within the city of Annandale. 2) To provide a reliable and scalable, high-speed network that would ensure we will never be in this position again, and 3) To partner with a solid and reliable provider that not only has the capability but the willingness to expand beyond our corporate borders to serve greater Annandale.

It is with great joy that we believe we have found that partner in Midco, formerly known as Midcontinent Communications. It was a combination of relentlessly communicating our story to whomever would listen, along with perfect timing, and being open to all opportunities, that brought Annandale and Midco together. We continue to be impressed with their willingness, professionalism, skill, but more importantly their passion to make our problem, their own to fix. Over that passed few months, thoughts of outages, inefficiency, low productivity have been replaced with lighting fast speed, reliable communication, high-definition, and lower cost.

We are hopeful, yet confident, that the days of annoying outages and slow crawling speeds are over for Annandale. We look forward to no longer hearing about the horror stories of prescriptions that cannot be filled, patient records that cannot be accessed, students not being able to complete their homework, and more importantly we look forward to the peace of mind that our area’s economy is no longer limited.

Even tough the Annandale Area will now have a reliable and essentially and unlimited connection to the world’s information, we are not done. We look forward to working with Midco over the coming years to continue to strengthen this network through expansion and additional connections. We look forward to attracting high paying technology based businesses along with their families to join our community. But most importantly, we look forward to residents improving their and their family’s lives by taking advantage of opportunities provided by an awesome connection to the world.

Therefore, today shall not only be looked upon as the end of a struggle, but the beginning of a new prosperity.

I would like to give a special thanks to Midco and their entire team for taking a chance on Annandale. I would like to thank the rest of the city council along with all of the residents that provided input and supported us throughout this ordeal. I would also like to thank all of those individuals, too many to count, that helped get us to where we are today. Some of these individuals stood shoulder-to-shoulder on the front lines and some of these individuals remained in the shadows. Regardless, you know who you are, and you deserve our thanks. Finally, I would like to give the deepest and warmest thank you to my teammates on the city’s technology committee, Kelly Hinnenkamp and Shelly Jonas. Without their passion, perspective, sacrifice, and hard work, none of us would be here today.

Thank you.