Tree Lighting Ceremony

Here is the speech from the Tree Lighting ceremony this last Saturday:

Thank you and welcome. Today, we celebrate the official start of the holiday season in Annandale by the lighting of this tree.

This event today would not be possible without the help and dedication of a number of individuals and businesses. I’d like to thank Edina Realty and Rick Seagraves for the donation of the tree, the ACT Discover Downtown committee for the donation of the lights, Divas for the donation of the star, Windstream for the donation of the electricity, Pete Braun and Braun Electric for the running of the underground electric, and the Downtown Committee, a sub-committee of the Annandale Chamber, for the overall coordination of the program.

This tree that stands before us, in all its hardiness, provides a solid foundation for which many wonderful things can be displayed and shared for all to enjoy. Like the tree, our great city of Annandale provides the foundation for our businesses to prosper, our service organizations to giveā€¦ and provides opportunity for all to enjoy.

Within this tree, there are many shining lights that work together to make this single joyous symbol something to behold and something to be proud of. The same can be said for all of you. Let us consider our businesses, the volunteers in our service organizations and churches, those who keep us safe, those that educate, and our residents the shining lights of Annandale.

With all of you attending today, we celebrate this special event not as individuals, but as a community. This tree in itself, is a festive symbol of the holiday season, but all here today represent the passion and dedication of not only a phenomenal community, but a proactive business sector.